Fear the French!, Room 2

This is a boy
His name is Oliver and his surname is Preston
He is nine years old
He is fat and small
His face is round and green he hasn't got hair
His nose is big and he has got a big mouth
He has white teeth and big ears
His eyes are pink and he has wrinkles
his body is green
he has big muscles and arms
his feet are big and hairy
He has small and big legs
H e wears an orange and torn t-shirt, a pink short white braced-overalls
He hasn't got shoes
His nails are brown
He eats some fruits and vegetables
He doesn'teat any meat
He loves tennis
and base-ball
He always has on him his bludgeon
He lives in a cave near London in Great Britain
He has got a ring
May 2010

Clemence, France, 12

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