Fear the French!, Room 29

His name is drekeur dorce and he is 9 months.He has got a small nose.He has got long hair. He has got a flat face. He has got green and pink hair. He is small and rather slim. He has got small feet and he has got small arms. He has got blue eyes.He eats many fruits. He eats many carrots. He eats many pastas and he drinks much diet coke. He eats much fish. He eats little potato salad.He eats few hamburgers. He eats little sugar.He eats few chocolate bars. He eats little meat. He likes reading.He likes jumping.He loves swimming.He loves playing tennis. He lives in France. The place where he lives is under the earth. (May 2010)

Laetitia, Molleges, France, 13

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