Jack Fabre
Fear the French!, Room 34

His name is Jack Fabre. He is seven. He is very tall and fat. He is very strong too. He has got a round face and blue eyes. He hasn't got any chin but he's got a big mouth. Jack has got one tooth. His tooth is yellow, his ears are blue. He has got short hair and he's got pink hair. He has four fingers at the right hand and two fingers at the left hand. He is hairy and he has got lot of buttons. Jack has got a big stomach and a big navel. His left leg is big and stong, it yellow and it got a wound. His             right leg is fine and small. He has got the tail of a dragon. His tail is red ans prickly. His tee-shirt is small and green, his trousers are dark green and his belt is brown. His shoe is big and black. He eats much chocolate all the day. He eats pasta, sweets and sugar. But what he loves most it is cakes. He doesn't like vegetables, fruits and tomatoes. He eats few fruits and a littlefish. Jack always drinks "Perrier" . He drinks coca cola and cofee. But he drinks a little water and fruit juice. Jack often plays tennis and foot ball. He seldom walks or runs. But he always plays video games. He sometimes does his homework and he never cleans his room. Jack goes to school at eight o'clock and he comes home at five o'clock. He never takes a bath, brushes his teeth and hairs. He lives in Canada, in a haunted house. His house is big, black and old. (May 2010)

Margaux, Molleges, France, 12

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