Fear the French!, Room 40

My monster
His name is Dicky
His surname is Bruguier
He is 123
My monster is tall
He is small and fat
He has got a big feet
He isn't strong
He has got a big arms
He has got short black hair
He has got a very long orange , nose
He has got a big brown eyes
he has got big pink ears
He has got a small tail
he is very hairy
He has got only three
He is green with spots
He hasn't got teeth
He hasn't got clothes because he is hairy
He always eats
He eats fish sometimes crazy little girls
He never eats men
He loves to hunt alligators
He likes to dance
He likes to clean the home
He never does his homework
He hates scool
He always wath tv
He lives in the Everglade in miami
He lives in marshes
(May 2010)

Louana, Verquieres, France, 13

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