Mantrelly lariviere grizzly
Fear the French!, Room 41

Mantrelly is a small and very tall boy. One canot say that he is a fat but he is very strong. His face is square in shape. He has got a nig round nose with red eyes, brouwn hair that is short and tall ears with a percing a right ear. His teeth are yellow with many carries. The body of my child is very strong because he trains every day. Mantrelly has one arm shorter than the other. He also has huge feet which have only three toes each one. He as some red shirt, black ond blue but also of black trousers and a brown belt. His skin green, his legs are small and not too fat. He often eats pizzas but never carrots. He likes monkeys but he hates nutella. Mantrelly has the habit of playing box before going to school. When the returns, he eats pizza and he goes in his room to grow his muscles. Before going to sleep, he does his homework for the school. Mantrelly lives with me in molleges in a small house hidden in appel trees and at weekends he goes with his father in greenland. His father let us two years age. (May 2010)

Elodie, Molleges, France, 12

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