List of Guests

(Most recent first)

Hartland Horrid House

Fear the French!

Doty's Dream Dungeon

Dunfermline Dungeons

Eerie Moon Walk

Shrieking Shed

Theatre of Nightmares

Black Cat Booth

Crying Cabinet

Dark Door to Dread

Room of Doom

Icky Igloo

The Dark Italian Cave

Royal Monsters

Splodge Street

Fat Gourg's Friends


Lost Annex

The Lost Dimension

Griffin Gallery

Eastwood Exceptionals

Sphinx Stables

Minotaur Mezzanine

Knowle Nobblers

Chimera Court

Korean Kreepies

Hillcrest Haunted Cave

Esprits de Poitiers

Roc's Nest

Mammoth Manor

Cobra Corridor

Seeping Wart Wing

Kreepy Kondo

Creepy Creature Chambers

Zee Monsterz Roomz

The Polar Bear Den

Ripping Rosholt Rooms

The Horrormoon Suite

Chilling Chambersburg

Milo's Magic Tower

Junk Food Junction

Big Boil Buildings

Leeson's Later Lair

Andrews Annex

Chilly Copperas Chambers

Slithering Heights

Gruesome Gardens

Fatal Floor

Squeamish Square

Draco's Delight

Dragons' Cavern

Leviathan Lounges

Hell's Trailers

Deerfield Dungeon

Grimm's Folk Grounds

Charter's Chilly Chambers

The Bookshop with Teeth

Morbido's Mansion

Boggart's Bottom

Annex Inc.

Contorted Corridor

Weirdest Gallery

Coppice Farm Crypt

Devon's Demons

Grim Reaper's Gardens

Woolston Wolvesden

Wyvern Wing

Freaky Fifth Floor

MutantsÂ’ Mansions

Middlesex Monster Maddness

Midnight Monstropolis

Dreadful Dorm

Grendel's Gallery

Swampy Staircase

Bat's Belfry

Dracula's Dome

Ghostie Grange

Quainton Courtyard

Octopus' Garden

Caliban's Kingdom

Kraken's Korokoro

Raptor Range

Dino's Diner

Beastly Bedrooms

Attila's Attic

Brasilia Bedrooms

Horace Mann House

Somewhere Strange Street

'ell House

Singapore Spooks

Demon's Dungeon

New Zealand Nasties

The Bloody Baron's Bedrooms

Harbinger's Keep

Ypsilanti Horrors

Arco Annex

Blazing Building

Down in the Goo

Milnthorpe & Blean Ruins

Genevieve's Jungle Bar

Greenskin Grotto

Shelosaurus Chalet

Bloodcurdling Building

Leeson's Lair

Vampyre Vestibule

Toronto and Newtonards Terrors

Agewrinkle Annex

Hideous Horsehouse

Nowhere Wing

Heliopolis House

Cyclops Alley

Monsters of Martinez

Texas Torture Chamber

Fairfax Frighteners

Virginia Valley

Fort Lauderdale Floor

Buffy Bungalows

Deathstalker Dorm

Wailing Wing

Spooky Stairs

Awful Australians

Extreme Exhibits

Monstrous Motorhome Park

Dreadful Doors

Hippogriff Hall

Hagrid House

Hugwarts Wing

Singapore Square

Dormitory of Dread

Wacky White Wing

Monster Manor

Vile Vestaburg

Horrid Houses

Bad Monsters

Awesome Annex

Galena Gutters

Superlicious Centre

Terror Tower

Crystal Springs Wing

Manchester Manor

Newellton and Glaston Berry

Purple Penthouses

Park Villa

Creeps Corridor

Brentwood Bungalows

Queensland Annex

Tennessee Towers

Kooky Corridor

Marshall Moonroom

Sewer Square

Black Crow House

Awful Attic

Deadly Dungeon

South Tower

Blue Wing