Troll likes to socialize with his friend Warewolf and eats eyeballs and drinks ooze and blood.

Troll at the Monster Motel

Once there was a monster named Troll. It was on its way to visit its Goblin when it stopped for the night at the Monster Motel. It checked in to room 13 and to its delight found that there was an old monster friend, Ware Wolf, in the room next door.

Well, they spent all night chatting away, drinking Ooze and blood and eating Eye Balls. When Ware Wolf left the motel early the next morning, it gave Troll a present.

When it was unwrapped, there was a large colourful box with a big Blue button on the left and a big Green button on the right.

Troll didn't know whether to be sorry or glad that Ware Wolf had given this unusual present. So it pushed the big Blue button.

Immediately a Serphant appeared and offered to grant Troll the greatest wish of its heart. So Troll asked for a A trip to the HAUNTED HOUSE and the creature began to weave a spell.

Unfortunately as it was speaking, the wind blew and all that happened was that an odd Baking pan appeared.

Disgusted, Troll pressed the Green button, and the Serphant disappeared. And nothing Troll could do would make it come back though it pressed both buttons several times.

Sadly it put the present in its suitcase and left the motel. As it left, the Serphant appeared, sitting on the bed, with a terrible laugh: " Troll doesn't know that it is stuck with me forever.....and wherever it goes there will always be a big Baking pan!".

The End. Thanks.

Aldo age 11 in Colorado, USA

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By Aldo , 11, Colorado, USA

Concept © 1999 by Mark Burgess and Kids on the Net, June 1999