It was a cold day in the boggy swamp. Blip was very bored. He had eaten all his battered caterpillars, and was extremely hungry. His four arms had nothing to do. Then, his six eyes noticed a bong bong tree in the distance. He clumped over on all his six legs. He lifted up the great tree with ease. He raised the root to his lips and sucked thirstily.

Then he noticed a gold gleam where the roots had been. He bent down and picked it up. It was a lamp! Blip rubbed it clean and there was a flash of green smoke, and a genie appeared.

"What is your wish?" he asked.

"I want a lifetime supply of battered caterpillars."

Then there was a flash of smoke and the caterpillars appeared. Blip lived happily ever after.

By Sam, 11, Wednesbury Oak School, UK

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