BillyBobEdfredJoMoBo can't stay in the Monster Hotel
but how he got his name I must tell.
Billy and Bob were very shy
and when people talked to them they both would cry.
They stayed in room 222 until one day a monster came in
screaming "Quit that din!"
All the louder then
so the monster ate them
and said amen.
Room 223 was Ed and Fred's
who had very big heads
so the monster said they snored in bed
so he ate them while they were sleeping.
Last in room 224
Jo, Mo, and Bo were singing at the door,
and got eaten while singing a song.
So then the monster screeched silence once more.
The monster came out and went around
and not caring if it crashed and bashed
through the streets and everyone screamed,
"Watch out it will kill you with its big feet!"
The monster said, "Please stop yelling
or I will have to eat you alive, trust me this is no lie."
But sadly the monster lived alone
because everyone was so cold.
After a while he grew very, very old, lonely and hairy
if you think about it it's even scary!
I tell you this tale so that if the monster comes across you crying, snoring, or singing, please oh please stop
because BillyBobEdFredJoMoBo just wants to be your friend ya' know?

By Jana, 10, Grade 5, St. Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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Concept 1999 by Mark Burgess and Kids on the Net May 1999