Eggster Eggsmelling Jr

Eggster Eggsmelling Jr. is a monster who is a lonely monster on a deserted island. Why is he alone? It's because he smells like rotten eggs! No one will give him a phone call because the line will start smelling like rotten eggs. He likes to listen to music but whenever he wants to by a new CD, the checkout lane won't let him through because the detector will smell it. He thinks that someday he will be famous for taking a shower and still smelling. If you ever think you will meet him, he's what you might find. Eyes with the shape of eggs, a yellow tummy with a white outline, and of course, a nice whiff of rotten eggs. If you ever see him, just don't hold your nose, he might just start to cry out smells of rotten eggs.


By Abby, 10, Grade 5, St. Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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Concept 1999 by Mark Burgess and Kids on the Net May 1999