I have a friend monster named Zigy-Zag-Zoo,
He checked in the motel at quarter of two.
He came to sleep before he caught his plane,
To make sure he would get to Maine.
He's going to Maine because he had to find a maze,
For his dancing craze.
If you see him he'll scare you I'm sure of that,
He even scares his own baseball hat.
He is not scary at all,
He just looks like it cause he is oh so tall.
Getting used to the way he looks,
And sharing his passion of a good book.
You discover his gentleman's manner for quiet,
Until a maze dancer knocks on the door starting a riot.
Then he will dance till he drops,
Without a maze you will need the cops.
So get up and dance the craze,
And learn why he came here to find a maze

By Maria, 11, Grade 5, St. Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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Concept 1999 by Mark Burgess and Kids on the Net May 1999