Ollie Dollie

Hi! My name is Ollie Dollie,

I am 4 million years old and feel

Great by golly,

I sleep all the day,

While the others play,

I eat a big meal in the middle of the night,

So my fangs don't cause others fright,

I must have Reeses and Butterfingers each meal,

If I don't, I will squall and squeal,

I am furry and friendly as can be,

But so slow and decreed few wait for me,

I'm fast asleep at 5:30A.M. To wake at 12:00A.M.

Then I wake to do the same thing over again,

My time awake are very short,

With little time for me to confort.



St. Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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