Madame X

There once was a monster named Madame X,

On who her body was put a hex.

And now an X her shape is,

All of her brains have turned to fizz.

Many times she tried to lure

People who would be friends with her.

Now she has to hide, who knows where?

She could be in a tree or under a chair.

But all she wanted was the cure,

To have someone befriend her.

She moved into the Monster Hotel

Long before this nasty X spell.

Her neighbors wonder where she went.

Oh, what fun time with them she spent!

One of her neighbors was really a witch,

On accident her evil eye gave a twitch,

Causing Madame X to fall under her hoodoo.

The witch did not want to be found out,

In the Monster Hotel, witches were not allowed to be out and about.

The witch's monster disguise would melt away

If she didn't cure Madame X the next day.

The witch knew the spell would be broken

If words of friendship to Madame X were spoken.

Off to the lounge to take a chance

Madame X was at the dance.

She found Madame X under a chair,

Hiding her head that had no hair.

The moment to try had arrived

The witch flew to Madame X's side

Words of kindness she spoke.

Joyfully, suddenly Madame X awoke. Madame X rode off on her mare

(not that I would really care!)



St. Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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