Mr. Eye On You

Mr. Eye On You likes to peek.

Around the corner he will creep.

He has a big scary eye and a long spotted tail,

and in the night he loves to wail.

Nobody likes his three horned crown.

He is not even welcome in his own hometown.

Frankenstein Township is where he used to live,

But now he lives here with his wife Biv.

Eye loves to watch TV,

And eat chicken from KFC.

Biv is pregnant with little Eye Jounior,

Dad hates waiting and wish he'd come sooner.

Soon Eye Jounior was born,

And his favorite food is canned corn.

Now they were a family,

Happily ever after they will be,

Living in the monster hotel soundproof room 123.

BY: Jenna



St. Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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