Blinky stinky

Blinky Stinky stayed in room two twenty two,

Because it had such a wonderful view,

From the big picture window his one eye could see,

Everything from the river right down to the trees,


His name tells the whole story,

Without any glory,

For Stinky smells awful,

Which should be unlawful,


With his great blinking eye and dirty green fur,

He would never be called handsome or sir,

He is covered with fleas,

Right down to his knees


Although he looks scary

You don't have to be wary

Blinky Stinky is kind

I think you will find


His hotel visit this year

I s one of a good cheer

He is the best man this time

For his friend Frankenstein

By: Adam



St. Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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