Deadly Scum Bag

Deadly Scum Bag is 4.
He has 3 legs, 2 arms holding his eyes in the air.
He likes to play football with babys heads.
He's hairy and smelly.
When he talks he spits out slime and blood covered bits of eyes.
He's got a twin brother called Deadly Zapped Stinker.
Very playful but he only likes slime, blood, he likes to kill baby's in a way I can not describe.
Favourite food baby's blood fingers dipped in fresh sewage and slime.
He's got hairy armpits and if you smelt them you would go crazy.

By Stephanie, 10, Oakthorpe, Leics., UK

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Concept © 1999 by Mark Burgess and Kids on the Net March 1999