My monster, Eightball, has eight eyes, eight arms and eight legs.
My monster is as big as a 7 foot tall, heavy man.
His eyes glow pink when he's mad and glow yellow when happy.
He grew up with his sisters and brothers on the big planet Jupiter.
His brothers and sisters are twice as big as him but he is twice as strong.
His favourite meal is 7-8 year old girls and boys and his favourite dessert is 1-2 year old animals.
His favourite drink is human blood and his favourite snack is human bones.
Eightball has really big hands and small feet.
His favourite hobby is taking human hair and glueing it to his already 8 foot diameter ball of hair.

By Leanne, 13, Duffield


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Concept 1999 by Mark Burgess and Kids on the Net May 1999