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Who was Margaret Glen-Bott?

Margaret Glen-Bott Comprehensive School was named after one of Nottingham's most celebrated public figures.

A distinguished medic, Miss Glen-Bott first came to the city from Bolton as a house surgeon in 1916. She became the city's first female gynaecologist.

In 1937 she became a magistrate and in 1939 was elected to Nottingham City Council, representing Mapperley ward as a Conservative.

She served on committees concerned with education, health and public libraries and museums, as well as the Castle Museum and arts and crafts. In 1956 she was elected as an Alderman of the city.

She remained a consultant gynaecologist and, for 15 years, chairman of Nottingham No. 3 Hospital Management Committee. She retired in 1968, and died in 1969.

Her legacy of excellence and public service lives on in the many students who passed through the school over nearly 50 years. You can read some of their stories on this website.


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