Feelings: Bonjour!

I started teaching French at MGB in September 2003. I cannot stay it was easy to start with but it got better and better. Soon after I started the pupils (and sometimes the staff) would say "bonjour" to me in the corridors, at break or lunch time and that made my day!

I remember taking the year 8 group to the cinema to watch "Belleville Rendez-Vous", I was not sure about how they would behave and react but thought I would give them a chance and it turned out that I was right to do so. Some are still referring to the movie in the spring term!

I met some wonderful people in the staff room as well as in my classroom and know I have some friends here. I will miss MGB but I am sure everyone is going to experience some wonderful adventures out there! Bonne chance a tous et bon courage. Au revoir!

Morgane Berenguer

Location: Nottingham
In September 2004, I'll be working in Bluecoat before going overseas in January 2005.

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