Feelings: My feelings in MGB

My name is Tosif. I came to MGB School on September 1th 2003. My form teachers name is Ms Carlin. The first day I was scared because I thought I might get lost. I did not know where to go. I like this school, but not some of the students who were being a nuisance. But still most of the teachers like all of us. Most of the teachers are kind and nice. I got used to the school within a few weeks because it was small and had few students. I never got bored at dinner time because there was always plenty to do, clubs and lunchtime activities. My favourite thing about the school is small classes. Teachers can give you more attention. Now I am moving on to my new schoool which is Haddon Park. I hope I enjoy my new school and keep in touch with the friends I made at MGB. I will miss the teachers. It was fun in MGB. I will miss MGB. HAVE A NICE TIME.


Year 9, 2004

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