Facts: My hovercraft

On the 18th of March 2004, in our science room, we had made a hovercraft, me and Anisha. We had help from Fraser and Katie and it was really fun, also Fraser had brought a bigger size of a hovercraft and most of the class went on it, because when you stood on it it would start floating; all the power was coming from the vacuum cleaner. We spent all day on it and we also hope that we make something again with Fraser and Katie again, because they are really fun to make something with, especially Fraser!

Next day, which was Friday, we went to Jesse Boot School, to show what we had made. There were loads of other schools there and they all had different models.
Ours was shown to the schools as well. Ours was wicked, also only ours was shown from our class. Then we had a look around Jesse Boot School, most people said that it was a competition, but who knows?

If it was, I hope our school wins.
Cause ours was the best!!!



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