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I'm quite a new kid on the block really, having only been at MGB for two years, but I can honestly say that I have never spent such a happy two years in all of my teaching career. I could see myself seeing out the rest of my teaching years at MGB, enjoying every minute of it - but, sadly, not to be.
I take away with me from MGB some lovely memories - losing Pupils at Wollaton Park, twice! - getting the mickey taken out of me because of the football team I support - by both staff and pupils! - the staff pantomime, NAVDEEP! - and the list goes on! The kindness, support and friendliness from the staff and pupils will be etched in my heart and mind for ever.
On a parting note then I wish everybody I have had the pleasure to have met at MGB a long, happy and successful life and my thoughts and best wishes will always go with you.

Norma Hatfield

Portland School, Worksop

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