I have many happy memories of my time at MGB, and of many friends that I made. I still remember my first day at MGB as if it was yesterday. Having moved from Edinburgh to Nottingham and being surrounded by complete strangers I tried my best to make friends, luckily it didn't take long, however, the biggest stumbling block was trying to get people to understand what I was saying, it seemed that everyone was having difficulty in understanding my Scottish accent. Fortunately it didn't take long and as I have said I made a lot of friends I won't name them as there are too many to mention but they will know who they are.

Gordon Draper

Left MGB 1981. I work for the Crown Prosecution Service as a Law Clerk, I have been with the firm since 1986 and prior to that I worked for Notts Police. I am divorced but have 3 fantastic kids. As a result of being a pupil at MGB I am now in a relationship with a former pupil of MGB also, her name is Trudy Armstrong and I love her to bits, maybe one day she will do me the honour of marrying her?? What more can I say but thank you MGB for some fantastic memories and for the opportunity of meeting up with some terrific people.

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