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When I first came to MGB and saw the school and students, I knew I wanted to be there. I was so excited!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with many students who want to achieve so much - and I'm sure they will. There have been some challenging times when I have had to do a lot of extra thinking in order to be a better person and teacher. I have learned a lot from both students and colleagues.

One of the funniest times was at Hagg Farm when the students did the night line - at night! I can't remember laughing so much! Liam's interest in the sheep was delightful and Josh and Kermanae did lots of late night washing up! Sleep boys, sleep! As the students were determined to wake the poor, sleepy headed staff at some unearthly hour of the morning, they were 'encouraged' to do 20 laps of the field! Josh and Kermanae did ever so well! As for Sarah's hair do's...... fancy taking a hairdryer, brush and hairspray in a backpack on a long walk - and we have photo's to prove it! Unbelieveable! Katie must learn to keep control of her bodily functions if she is to keep any friends - open the doors someone!! So many memories....

Lots of students have taught me to have more faith in their abilities as people who can think clearly for themselves, and to let them make mistakes - after all, it's how we get 'smarter'! I'm pleased to say that many of the students I have worked with are capable, independent learners who have the capacity to achieve a great deal. Good luck to you all.

As for me, at the moment I feel very, very sad at the departure of so many wonderful people and the long and painful closure of MGB, which has been my professional home for two years. I don't know what the future holds, but I am sure that I will continue to learn, teach, play SAGA radio in the classroom - and laugh with the students!

Miz I Kelly

I can be contacted through Elliott Durham School, Nottingham.

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