Facts: Fatin at MGB


I came in the year 2002 to MGB and I was a bit scared. But soon I settled in well and enjoyed myself. I loved being with my friends at break time and lunch time. We had a lot of fun with each other. I was very sad to hear about the school closing down, as I was getting settled in. I miss MGB. The teachers and students who attend there are very nice and they helped me a lot when I needed help. I like my friends who I used to hang around with. I was very happy at MGB. So to everyone, good luck to the future and I hope you all do well.

I'm really going to miss MGB which is my favourite school. The teachers are very friendly and funny especially Miss Hatfield. It is not fair that the school is going to close, it's a very good school and I wish I could save the school. So long and sayonara


I am just getting ready for the holidays and I am getting my SATs results. I'm doing very well at the moment.

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