Facts: Does anyone remember ... ?

Leaving for the last time
after the Final Fling Picnic, 3rd July 2004


... Princess Zara - the production in 1958? I was a Blue Butterfly Fairy. We had to make our own costumes (and wings!) in the needlework room - Miss Harby (?) was the needlework teacher. I used to fly home every night with my wings attached to my satchell - to put a pattern of sequins on them. Miss Searle, the games mistress, was in charge of the dancing and the school orchestra provided the music.

Robert Hacking was in the wings with a supply of dolly mixtures - he made sure everyone got them - and I think he provided the thunder on a metal sheet.
I was starstruck then and I thought Miss Searle said I was the "last butterfly to come off the stage" so the pink butterflies went off ... the blue ones.... the yellow ones ... maybe even green ones ... and there was one last blue butterfly whizzing round and round on the stage. The orchestra kept playing extra bars and I suddenly saw Miss Searle in the wings saying "Come off! Come off!" I was supposed to come off last of the blue group....

I was also in the Spring Anthology doing two scenes from "As you like it". I played Audrey (a country wench). I wore a green dress and big bunches with pink ribbons and bright red cheeks - it was supposed to be a comic costume and I was hoping that people would laugh - as was intended - when I walked out on stage. But when they all burst out laughing I wanted to run off again!

At the dress rehearsal the press-stud at the side of my dress flew open and all my paper stuffing fell out (I was only 11!). Robert Hacking fell off the log laughing and Mr Campion the producer said "Get a pin in that dress on the night, girl!" I was very embarrassed. My partner in that scene was David Ward (he played Touchstone and was dressed as a court jester). I can't remember who played the part of William, a country yokel... and someone recited William Wordsworth’s The Daffodil. Can anyone remember his name? He was very good!

That’s all for now – if I remember any more I’ll let you know ...

Pam MacKinnon

Still interested in performing - maybe I'll get to do some amateur theatre when I've more time after I retire soon.

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