Facts: Pop mimes and other memories

There were over 750 students in 1984 and Margaret Glen-Bott was oe of the most successful City schools with a very good reputation. There were three portakabins: one was the Special Needs room and the other two were typing rooms … where classes of girls … sexist or what! .. would learn touch typing for their careers as secretaries.

In those days the target that we most wanted to meet was getting the black in off the top cushion of the staffroom snooker table – a genuine slate bed table lovingly restored by Terry Beaumont, then Deputy Head. Many staff played quite seriously. I played totally unseriously and was banned when my long pot on the black left the table and knocked out a supply teacher sitting under the window facing Sutton Passeys Crescent.

I was the person who began the pop mimes, to finish off the Autumn term at Christmas. They went on to become a school tradition and some of the stunning performances made the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. I always left the pop mimes thinking how much talent we had at school, and how brilliant some of the performers were.

Bob McArthur

Head of English from 1984-2001
Location: Nottingham

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