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The reason I took Geography for 'O'-level was that the course included a one-week school trip to the Lake District, and it was well worth two years of erosion/glaciation/and ox-bow lakes, and one week's worth of Mr Seddon's porridge, the recipe I believe he sold to Solvite, and must be worth millions now. It was just a fantastic week, despite the food, and the one time that I still think back to with a smile, especially all the pranks, and Vikas being the only person brave enough to take a dip in one of the mountain lakes. Well done to Mrs Thompson as I did actually pass my geography exam and was a member of her hiking club, which also brings back some fond memories. The teachers that I particularly remember were Mr Allcock, English and Mr Goodacre, an excellent Maths teacher. Also does anyone remember the time we smuggled Mark Feyers (Fernwood) into our RE Class as a new Starter which totally threw Miss Hollands?

Jane Wheat

Left MGB 1983

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