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I must admit it is an awful long time since I had the time to sit and think about my years at MGB. Now I do think about it I had a pretty damn good time!!
Things that spring to mind are:

  • 1st day nerves; waiting to see if the rumours about being thrown in the bushes by 5th years were true!

  • The dreaded cross-country run (makes me cold just thinking about it)! How many of us could get away with hiding in Wollaton Hall?!

  • Queueing up for dinner or trying to sell your dinner token.

  • Mr Sproson who was GORGEOUS before ginger became THE comedy word of the day!

  • Being selected by Miss Edwards to be 'plant monitor' and 'look after' the plants in the foyer - most useful on cold winter days!!

  • Miss Cawood helping me to finish a summer dress in time to take on holiday so that my mum wouldn't moan at me!

  • Fantastic trip to Germany (Boppard rocked!!) aged 14 years.

  • Derek Goodacre - how did he fit himself into that sports car?!

  • Miss Lomas who despaired of me!

  • Mr. Peake, who scared the life out of me, but I'm sure was a very nice man.

  • Pink elephants in english lessons!!

  • A certain language teacher who wore black underwear to mourn the passing of Elvis!!

  • Mr. Mee, who tried to teach me maths; to no avail!!

  • Merchant of Venice production, I still know all the words!!

  • The smell coming from the boys toilets - PHEW!!

  • The pink icecream van parked just inside the gates at lunchtime (was it Tony's?).

  • A certain English homework where we had to write about meeting up after we were 40 - seems like yesterday, you guys!!

Friends: Gina Kelly, Jill Standard, Kathryn Marsh, Lynne Brailsford, Lynn Wheldon, Karen Peck, Tina Moore, Nigel Barke, Peter Davis, Mark Le Seuer, Kevin Green, Daniel Wilkinson, Steve Jarrett, Mark Flint, Jon Litoczuk, Ertan Mehmet, Usman Patel, Angela Cannock.

Thanks, MGB, for all the good, and not so good, times!!

Linda Whitehead (Nee Betts)

At MGB 1973-1978. Married to Roger - 7 kids(4 'inherited'!!) 2 sons in the British Army, 1 son is a lorry driver, 1 daughter is a hairdresser, 1 daughter has just finished a BSc and got a 1st!! 1 daughter is starting university this year and 1 son who is going into year 11 this year (and who says I have to say he is 'God damned sexy'!!) I am presently working at Nottm City Hospital as Stroke Rehab Unit Co-ordinator. Roger and I are learning Greek as we hope to live in the Cyclades islands when he retires in about 5 years time.

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