Feelings: Past pupil, now staff


I have fond memories of Glen-Bott both as a pupil and working there. Glen-Bott was still a new school when I went there and we had to wear a beret and blazer. Beret checks at the gate going in, with kids running round and throwing a beret over the hedge for someone who had forgotten theirs. My best friend at school was Merrilyne Milne (if you're out there Mel I hope I spelt that right). We were not the best behaved I'm afraid and often in trouble.

When my children were at nursery I went to Glen-Bott as a lunchtime supervisor. Later to work in the office and Attendance Officer still doing lunchtimes. My first week working at Glen-Bott was scary, all the pupils seemed taller than me and loud. Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed working here. All the staff have a sense of humour and and there have been so many characters pass through as pupils. My own children also came here, both doing very well. Mostly I remember the fun and laughter. I am thinking of donating my rude joke book to Miss Berenguer who reads one, says in her French accent 'that is so bad' but keeps on reading and even comes back later for more. I also owe a great debt of gratitude to all the staff for their support over the last year. I will miss you all.

Sandra Newman (nee Burditt)

Left as a pupil 1967 but still at Margaret Glen-Bott

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