Facts: Me and my friends

My first friends at MGB were my big sister Zoe and her friends, but I soon got settled in and I had loads of friends of my own age. They were called Sarah, Katie, Liam and Michael. I would like to say something to these people because I might not see them again.

Hello Sarah, I remember at Hagg Farm we were being a bit naughty running up and down the corridors and knocking on the boys' doors. Imagine Ms Kelly taking a photo of you without you even having your hair done.

Hi Katie, You’ve got loud feet, big elephant. At Hagg Farm you got us into trouble with Ms Carlin. It wasn’t very good the teachers putting Ms Carlin and Mrs Prosser next door to us.

Hi Liam, Hi Michael, I wrote your names next to each other because you are twins, after all, even though you don’t look like each other. You both are a pain and a nuisance but we have had some fun doing art projects in the last 6 years.


Year 8, 2004
Location: Nottingham
I want to be a vet when I'm older and people say Manning is a school for you to have a good career.

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