Facts: Cross country - a walk in the park!

I used to love cross country - we used to run past the school fence, out of sight of the school and have a lovely walk around the park. Sometimes we even had a wander into the hall to look at the stuffed gorilla (he's still there now). In Autumn we collected sweet chestnuts to eat on the way back. Generally I hated PE (and the thought that the boys could see through the keyhole when we showered afterwards) but I loved the park. I also remember regularly swapping my dinner tokens for money and buying an ice-cream from the van at the gate.
I remember the day my sister broke her leg in gym club at dinner time; I had bunked off and swore blind to Mum that I had been in the toilet all dinner, which is why they couldn't find me to escort her to hospital in the ambulance.
Now my daughter is at secondary school in Worcester and I guess she gets up to the same sort of things there.

Kaye Bloom

Left 1979

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