Feelings: Family Memories

I remember being so happy during my time at MGB. I spent a lot of time in Mr Crawford's class, at the back of the room, when he taught in Room 16. I remember that I did really well in my end of Year 9 test on "Macbeth".

He used to get really mad about the noise I made, and I think he complained to Mr Harding. I know that I got over 40% on my Year 9 test, and Mr Harding was not happy when Mr McArthur entered my mark along with the rest of Year 9. He could not find "S. Nutkin" anywhere on the list and said that my result spoiled his statistics.

My mum and dad died soon after that, and I spent a lot of time thinking about them when I was in amongst the trees in Wollaton Park.

I really liked my stay at MGB and wonder if Mr Crawford remembers me. Mr McArthur certainly will.

Squirrel Nutkin

Wollaton Park woods (Old people's tree house)
I am doing really well, and have a family of four. We tried to get into MGB again, but our entry was blocked. Perhaps we'll try again next year.

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