Feelings: !! My time at MGB !!

MGB - what can I say - it's jus THE BEST SCHOOL EVER! I left because I had to! If it was up to me I would still be there, but things change! I've got good and bad memories from there... good memories are the Yr 9 trip in 2003 to Drayton Manor Park - had fun with CERTAIN PEOPLE!! and obviuosly all the good friends I made at that school! I won't forget when there was around 8/9 of us left in year 10 in 2003, me, Rebecca, Fiona, Ebony, Farrah, Ammna, Tom & Tara, those were the good times!!!! Other good memories - I have so many and can't type them all, 2003 a special yr for me well in that school it was because of a certain someone, or some people!! No names are being mentioned ;) lol
The last day we had at MGB (me, Rebecca, Farrah, Ebony, Fiona) - had a great day - never going to forget. I want to thank all the great teachers there that started off my education, I would be praising them not the teachers at my new school because MGB teachers are the ones that started it all off! Bad memories - haven't got many really, can't really remeber any at the moment!
Oh yeah I cannot ever forget our mentor man Mr. Chambers, he was great, we all loved him ;)
I'm at a new school now; when I first started my new school I didn't like it at all but I realised that there's no way I'm going back to MGB so I just had to start liking it, it isn't that bad now! All the new friends I made here are lubly jubly!!
MGB is the school that reunited me and my BEST FRIEND Farrah! we were together in primary school, she left half way through year 4, and when I moved in yr 7 to MGB Farrah was there! since then we've been best friends!!
No-one that went to MGB will ever forget it. Well I know I won't!
THANX to all the teachers, friends and the classroms and books and anything else!! MGB IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!


Right now I'm at a new school, in year 10, just started most of my coursework!!!!!!!!!

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