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I came to this school in 2000. My time was all good. people I hung with started off with myself, Melly, Rebecca, Ebony, Tara, Patreeze, Cara, Rachel, Charlene, Charmel, Lovelle but then that narrowed down when we arrived in the year 2003.

The news came as a shock to everyone but we couldn't do anything to stop it. The decision was made. We may have tried but didn't suceed.

No-one wanted the school to shut - well I know I definitely didn't. All my year was to leave as we were in year ten and were to start coursework but some of us didn't find a school that suited us in time and that left me, Becca, Ebony, Tara, Suffia, Farrah and Amna, but in the end even us lot had to go so some of us went different ways but still memories will always remain. My best year there I would say was year 9 cos that was just fun, everyone got on together there. Now I'm at Alderman White (faraway school) and the rules there are completely different. They are well strict compared to MGB and it ain't as fun neither but ain't got too long now, year and a bit to go. The teachers at MGB were well safe; I would state some but the list is too long!!

Also every Thursday, me and Becca would have a drum lesson with our tutor Ross. He was such a joker we used to have so much joking in the time we had (we went over time sometimes but excuses were made).

Well mainly this is all about the sadness of the school shutting and it's just a shame so we just gotta live life as it comes.

bye, FiOnA


Now I'm at Alderman White school and do not yet have any plans for the future.

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