Feelings: Mixed

This morning (Year 11 leaving day) I was feeling a bit low, reflecting on the (bad) memories I had about this school - best friends leaving the school, breaking up with friends, having current best friends who always skive (mentioning no names!). I thought spending the last hour of compulsory school with goodbyes and shirt-signing would be the perfect way to end our time at MGB with a whimper, a really awkward period with everyone just wanting to go home...

Well, I was wrong. It turned out to be a fitting end to the school (and I don't mean that in a bad way). Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and I even settled my differences with a few people.

This in turn reminded of some good memories I have about the school. The Botty Glen play (which showed that the teachers do have a sense of humour after all!), the Year 11 Drama exam we were invited to see (I actually felt nervous for them before it - I would never be able to act in front of so many people I know- and I thought everyone involved acted really well), the time I ran a faster 400 meters than everyone else in my year (but not in the same race as everyone else)and, for a while in Year 10, just being part of a group of mates that sometimes added up to nine people.

Special thanks (in no particular order) to Ms. Toft for helping me through my first term of MGB; Ms. Cheston for being a great form tutor, English teacher and for being a Forest supporter! Mrs. Hardwick for teaching both me and my mum (many moons ago) and putting up with us both, Ms. Berenguer for making me almost fluent in French in less than a year, Mrs. Harrison (although I didn't appeciate her help at the time) for introducing to a wider range of books; Mrs. Hatfield and Royna for being so friendly and supportive and Mrs. Norman. The last one may be controversial but she was the only teacher who actually liked my handwriting...

Thanks also to all my friends past and present - I'll miss you all!

P.S. Sorry to everyone who I have been abrupt to, unfriendly to or just awkward to - you know who you all are!


Year 11, 2004

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