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I came here in 1999 with two of my Home Boys, Faisal and Ijaz who I went to primary school with (Edna 'G' Olds). I became mates with these others (L.T. group) whose names are Umar, Faraz, Simmi, Jay, Waqqas and Sharafat. I became mates with these people because they were from the same area as me, most of them anyway. I have had a great time with these people since the day I came to the school. We have joked and laughed a lot, messed around while we have been here in the last 5 years.
There are some teachers that I like ... Miss Cheston my form tutor who has been nuff safe since she became our form tutor. Mr Nijran has also been a great help since I have started. He has helped me since Yr 7. I will always respect him. The other safe teachers that I respect are Miss Prosser, Mr Hatfield, Miss Hardwick, Mr Byrd, Miss McCloud, Royna and Sharon. This is the best secondary school.



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