Feelings: New school now

I was quite upset to leave MGB because it was a really good school and enjoyed being taught. I miss MGB lots and i am trying to get used to being in Bluecoat (my new school) I miss all the students that attend Glen-Bott especially one of my friends who couldn't get into Bluecoat. MGB is a nice and quiet place and the best thing was that there were deer that we could watch at break. MGB was a really nice school and I am quite sad that the school is closing down. I miss a few of the teachers especially Ms Hatfield.
Another good thing about MGB was the playground, the playground is very big and it is peaceful without too many students. I liked the pupils who went there, they were very nice, I wish MGB wasn't closing down because it was a really nice place.
I wish to see MGB again before it closes down and i would like to say farewell to all the people and i hope everyone have passed their exams.
Thank you for all your generosity and kindness i hope you have a good future and enjoy yourself!


Right now in Bluecoat i have just finished my exams and I am doing my ROA'S (end of year reports). People in Bluecoat are really nice and mature and some of the teachers are nice but some can be fairly strict!

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