Friends: My friends at *mgb*

After going to this school for 5 years it has taught me one thing, that you need your friends and without my friends I don't know where I would be today. My friends have always helped me and have never let me down. I've loved our little adventures we have been on and our days out. My true friends at MGB are......
Rebecca, Jessica, Heidi, Suknaam, Sara, Serina, Nassima, Sasha, Terunesh, Aisha, Nadra, Lauren, Gurdev, Bobby, Scott, Ashley, Remi, Shane. Our friends that have left we will never be able to forget them and why they left they are.....
Siobhan, Kyla, Pippi and Aleta.
I am going to miss everyone in Yr 11 even all the boys even though all our year have had our ups and downs we are still all close friends and I don't think I can make friends like these again. I will miss you all loads and I will never forget any one.


In college I am studing beauty theropy and I hope to run my own salon one day.

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