Friends: MGB friends

I've been at this school for a long time and out of everything, I'm going to miss my friends the most. Throughout the years I've been able to get to know each of them and realised how lucky I am to have known them, they've all been there for me when I've needed them and are very comforting.
I'll miss school a bit, but I think that school ain't really much if you haven't got friends to share it with.
Big up; Jessica, Becca, Vicky, Heidi, Terunesh, Nassima, Sara, Nadra, Aisha, Lauren, Gurdev, Suknaam and all the other girls that have been here in the past.
I'll miss all my girls, we were the best yr 11 gyals. I'll also miss the rest of the year, they all jokers, they all my bro's. lol.


Year 11, 2004

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