Feelings: My First Day

I came to MGB on Sept 1st 2003 to see about a one-year supply contract in ICT. I met Gareth and was impressed by his attitude to the school's last year yet a little apprehensive about his assessment of the position being a tough assignment. How tough could it be?
The first half-term proved to be just as challenging as predicted, but I quickly realised there was a real warmth in the school between students and staff.
The job got easier but remained challenging.
I got to the stage where I could trust Year 9 enough to take them into Wollaton Park running. They all came back intact although Steven B. did his best to lose a shoe in a bog down by the lake!!
ICT club was open to all and many took the opportunity to shelter from the elements and have a play on the PCs.
My defining moment so far was being thrown to the floor by Ms Cheston in the Botty Glen panto, of which I am constantly reminded.
I will definitely miss the school and only hope it remains such a pleasant environment for kids to learn in and staff to work in. Only time will tell. Good luck to you all.

Duncan Burd

Age: over 21
Location: Nottingham, UK
Looking for work 2004.

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