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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Four

written by Veronica
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

The kids obeyed the prince and followed him to his palace. He brought them to his castle and settled them down. He gave them each a room. He was very kind to them.

BUT! He wasn't really kind. He was the greatest, wickedest prince ever. His name was Prince Mandella. The next morning when the kids woke up, they found themselves in their rooms. BUT! There were no walls! There were in cages instead. The Prince came upon the kids and said in a low wicked voice," Are you ready to go into the oven?"

Just then, the Prince's parrot swooped down, grabbed the key from the Prince and opened the cage doors for them. In an instant, the kids were free. As soon as they were out of the palace, they sang happily down the path. They walked and walked until they came to their spaceship.

They ran into the spaceship and went back home. When they stepped down on the ground, they found themselves in the playground. Suddenly, they remembered the Prince.

But Dino said " Remember, we were just telling stories about space and our minds floating away."

They all went into their rooms and had a bath and a rest. When they went to the dining room to eat they saw their mothers getting dinner ready for them and there was a movie in television about Space! How strange.

They watched the movie but did not tell anyone about their adventures. When they went to bed that night the moon peeped in their windows but they were all fast asleep.

The End



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