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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Four

written by Mary
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

Emily said, “We should choose the colour purple this time, because the last time we choose red it brought as all into this mess.”

So they all agreed to choose the colour purple as soon as they said that everything around them started to fade away. They found themselves standing beside the park in silence.

To their surprise Dino shouted out with joy, “We’re home! Were home! Just what I imagined a minute ago.”

Ahmed knew something was different about the park, “Where’s the river,” he said, “I can’t see the river we’re not at home.”

They all stood in silence then Ahmed started to realize what situation they were in. Ahmed began explaining, “We’re in your imagination Dino, and you only imagined the park not the river that’s why we can only see the park.”

“Hey there’s the river. Who’s imagining that?”

“Me.” said Emily.

“We have to go back home somehow,” said Ahmed.

“I get it” said Dino “all we have to do is imagine Captain Chan picking us up from here and dropping us back home.”

“I’ll do that,” said Dino and so he did.

As they stared into the sky they saw a big spaceship shinning a blue light on top of them which took them up to the ship.

“Did you have fun?” asked Captain Chan.

As they flew away from the Planet of Dreams they could see it shrinking until they couldn’t see it anymore. In no time they were back home, as the kids looked around them they saw themselves gazing into the park near the river. It looked like it was midnight because the moon was right above their heads. They looked around thinking they’d see Captain Chan and the spaceship but they couldn’t see any sign of him. But they knew they didn’t have to worry because they were home now.

As they were hugging each other with joy, they heard a helicopter just up ahead, they didn’t have to wait a long time until they heard police cars with their sirens on zooming across the street and parking beside the park. The car door swung opened and out came Dino’s parents. Then suddenly all the kids’ parents ran out to hug them. They tried to explain to their parents but no one believed them. They tried and tried until they decided that no one would believe them.

One night as they sat outside telling stories about the Planet of Dreams, up in the sky they saw Captain Chan waving to them. All of them agreed to keep it as a secret.

The End



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