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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Four

written by Catherine,
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

Emily, Ahmad and Dino turned their faces to stare eagerly at Suzie. They didn’t want her to run out on them, seeing that she was the owner of the hotel. Suzie, seeing their worried faces decided to stay with them. So she gave them each a warm, comforting smile.

“So what’s it going to be?” asked the old man who was the owner of the purple land.

“Can you please spare us a minute so that we can decide?” asked Dino.

“What’s there to be decided!” laughed the old man. “Oh all right, you have one minute to decide but if you don’t make up your mind in that time I will be pleased to tell you that you will receive the punishments.”

And with that, the old man let out a high-pitched wicked laugh. Dino, seeing that Emily was close to tears put a comforting arm around her.

“We should touch the purple one.” said Suzie.

“No we should go for the red one.” said Dino.

Ahmad disagreed, “I think we should go for the purple one because it’s a nice colour and besides red is the colour of sacrifice.”

Emily suddenly spoke up, “I think we should all agree with Dino.”

Suzie wasn’t taking this in, she still thought that they should go for purple.

“Thirty more seconds to go,” the old man announced.

“Look,” said Dino, “we’ll take the red one.”

“Are you crazy! I told you the red stands for sacrifice,” whispered Ahmad in horror.

“And that’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you,” whispered Dino, “he put the red there so that we would go for the purple thinking that if we chose red we’d be offered as living sacrifices!”

So the others agreed.

“We’ll touch the red one sir.” Suzie announced.

Dino could see that the old man wasn’t pleased but he also couldn’t help noticing the smile that was curling it’s way through the old man’s lips.

“Well then, let the fun begin!” yelled the old man.

Dino was about to ask what the old man meant by “LET THE FUN BEGIN” but a voice in him told him that he would soon find out.

“Is it my imagination or have this tables suddenly decided to grow their legs to a size of giant,” asked Emily in terror.

“It’s not your imagination and the tables aren’t growing either, we’re shrinking!” Suzie yelled. Her voice echoed around the room.

“What is that?” screamed Ahmad in terror. He was pointing to ten enormous figures approaching them.

“RUN, RUN, RUN!” yelled Dino.

Enormous animals were chasing them!

“HELP!!” screamed Emily.

A huge orange striped cat had grabbed her with it’s paws and was about to swallow her up. Suzie started crying out loud.

“I wish this had never happened,” she cried.

“That’s it!” thought Dino. They were on the Planet of Dreams. “I want everything to be put back to normal,” he yelled.

And suddenly all was back to normal. But now they had to decide how they were going to survive on the Planet of Dreams.


The End



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