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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Three

written by Sheena
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

“Which way do you think Dino?” said Space Captain Chan.

“I choose right.”

“Hang on,” Jade interrupted, “Is that the right way?”

“Well since I chose the right way, it has to be right!” laughed Dino.

“Does everyone agree with Dino?” Chan asked.

“Yes” everyone said.

“Well off we go then. We have no time to waste!”

So off they went down the right lane. Suddenly, a fairy appeared, saying,

“You have
Come the happy way,
But at the end of the path
There is a Prince that you must obey”

And with that she flew away.

“What would a prince do if we didn’t obey him?” Jake said.

“Probably he’d lock you up in a dungeon.” The kid with the black hair said.

“With rats in it.” Jake said.

“Eeew” Jade said.

“Come along now.” Said Space Captain Chan.

Then they went along the lane some more, until they reached the end of it. And there stood a wart headed prince.

“Oh, hello” said Space Captain Chan a bit stunned.

Then Melissa whispered to Jade, “The fairy didn’t tell us we were going to meet a wart headed prince.”

“Hello my dear friends,” the wart headed prince said. “Follow me and I will lead you to my wonderful palace.”

Obey the Prince


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