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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Three

written by Lorna
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

The children choose to enter the red door. Inside the red room there was a magnificent sight of.

A room decorated in red. When they looked up the ceiling they noticed a warning saying, “DO NOT TOUCH THINGS THAT ARE PURPLE OR ELSE YOULL BE IN BIG TROUBLE”.

Suzie and the children were wandering deeper and deeper through the strange places and had met lots of weird people inside the red room. Suddenly they saw something flashing in the distance there was a strange man sitting on a purple chair he looked so angry, he shouted at the children.

“Bring those trespassers here immediately,” he shouted.

Once the guards brought the children the man wanted to know why they had trespassed into his territory. But the children answered, “We were just wandering around and trying to explore this place.”

But the man said “Then you shall be given a choice between being punished or taking a challenge or else you and you’re friends will be staying on this planet FOREVER AND EVER. So do you want the challenge or the punishment’’.

“We’ll take the challenge,” said Suzie in a clear voice.

“Alright, this is the challenge,” said the strange man. “You must choose between the two colours red and purple.”

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