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... there was no doubting it; he was in the Land of Secrets! ...


Amy, 8,
Burnaby, BC,Canada
In the Land of Secrets, Nick saw a castle with dragon head on top of it. The Dragon head was made of stone.
Then Nick saw the castle door wide open, in the door way, Nick saw a pot of gold. He was about to pick it up, but the dragon head spoke to him. The dragon head said "If you take the pot of gold, the Land of Secrets will not have any more magic".
"Do you mean that the Land of Secrets has magic?" Nick asked.
"Yes", replied the dragon.
"So if I don't take the pot of gold, will you take me home safely". said Nick.
"Yes", said the dragon, "all you have to do is take one gold coin and toss it in the air three times, then that will return you safely."
So Nick did what the dragon said. After that, Nick found himself at his home.

Tom, 8,
Rosebud, Victoria, Australia
When Nick reached the Land of Secrets he saw an extremely big castle. It had a dragon carved out of stone on it.
Nick decided to enter the castle and to his surprise, standing in front of him was a huge pot of gold.
Nick grabbed the pot of gold and headed towards the door when all of a sudden the stone dragon came to life and warned Nick to leave the pot of gold exactly where it was because without the pot of gold the land and everything on it would disappear forever.
Nick didn't want this to happen but he also wanted to get home safely.
He decided to make a deal with the dragon.
If the dragon returned him to his home, he would not tell anyone about this magic castle, the pot of gold or the dragon.
The dragon agreed and told Nick to pick up a gold coin and toss it into the air.
By the time the coin and landed on the ground Nick found himself safely tucked up in his own bed.
Nick could not tell if it had all been a dream or not.

Philip, 10,
Nottingham, UK
As Nick looked around he heard voices, but there was nobody close to him.
The voices were calling out "The dragons don't like you, run away and be a knight".
Nick looked around to see who was saying it, then he realised that this was the land of secrets and he was being told the secrets of the dragons.
He got up and began to run towards the lake because he remembered from looking at the map that if he followed the lake towards the north it would take him to the castles where the knights lived.

Finally he arrived at a castle and banged on the door. The knights let him into the castle and he trained to be a knight.

He never visited Dragonsville again.


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