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Ankarsrums School, Sweden
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By Astrid, 11, Ankarsrum, Sweden

He likes to play chess. He´s very shy and smart.
He likes math. He like to eat pizza. He´s 13 years old.



By Hanna, 11, Sweden

He´s pink and yellow big eyes and a big nose. He has got a red rosette. He likes to eat. He is 5 years old.



By Sebastian, 12, Sweden

He has got green skin and yellow hair, brown jacket and yellow wings. The Dragon is 8 years old. He likes to fly.



By christoffer, 12, Sweden

Hi my dragon is orange and red and blue.



By Lovisa, 11, Ankarsrum, Sweden

He likes to play football and to go on dates. He likes pretty girls and he's not shy. He is 32 years old.


Baby Dragon

By Victor, 12, Sweden

This dragon is very sweet.
It´s very small but I like him.
He´s pink and yellow.
He blows fire and he´s two years old.


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