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Poplar Street Primary School, Manchester, UK
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By Cristy, 7, Manchester, UK

Sqeaky is a loving dragon. Even though she is small can get in a lot of trouble. She has two freinds and she love them like they are in her
family. (April 2005)



By Kelly o, 9, Manchester, UK

Easter is about eggs. You can never get away from them. Last year he had a fight but instead of punching he threw eggs in Dragons faces. He got in big trouble of his mother. She had to get new clothes for all the Dragons he hit. (April 2005)



By Evie, 8, Manchester, UK

Teletubie is fun and joyful. Her favourite places are 'DRAGONS 'R' US' and MCDRAGONS. Her best friends are Noddy and Fimble, who always get into mischief with each other. Her mother and father sometimes get letters from school, that say she is cheeky sometimes, but they are very glad to have a cheeky girl, because she always keep them happy. She has a bully at school, who makes fun of her bows. Teletubie is loveable and childish, and is a great person to be with. (April 2005)



By Cristy, 7, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Hop is a well mannered dragon. Her favourite colour is pink. She is always dressed in a bunny costume. She has four friends, they play with her every day. Her favourite friend is Love. (April 2005)



By Ellie, 8, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Ace is a very kind and gentle dragon. On Monday she had been taught to play a terific game of cards, the only thing was that she cheated a bit by looking under some of the night black and scarlet cards! She loves having yummy picnics and in them cheese, sweet juicy apples,jam sandwiches and a giant chocolate cake. She has two best friends called Colourful and Spike. Ace will never hurt you, so please don't hurt her because she is very special to me. (April 2005)



By Stephen, 9, Audenshaw ,Manchester, England

Heartie is a kind and loving dragon. She behaves wonderfully. Heartie is very shy as well. She is a vegetarian so of course she eats vegatables. Heartie also likes playing heart tennis. Her best friend is Ace dude. (April 2005)



By Joe, 9, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Inspector is always looking for birds in the sky. He is a very famous doctor. He always carries binoculars and a spare pear of glasses. He can be very horrible, but he is quite helpful. He hasn't got many friends but his friends are very kind. His favourite food is sausages and mash and his favourite drink is milk. He lives in a tent in the woods which is green and yellow. His Mum and Dad died when he was a baby. They died in a car crash. (April 2005)


Love heart

By Chloe, nine, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Love heart is a kind and helpful dragon. She always picks flowers for her friends, and always brings little suprises back for them. She loves to hug her love heart pillow. She is not scared of anything expect the dark. She has feelings that can not be broken. (April 2005)


Kitty Coo

By Liam, 9, Audenshaw, Manchester, England.

Kitty Coo loves giving hugs but is a bit shy, his favourite colours are pink, yellow and red. He may look cute but he is also a champion at playing tricks on everyone. He can be cute,but he only plays tricks for atention. If Kitty Coo is in a playful mood he could injure you, by digging his claws in you. He is always looking for mischief and trying to cause trouble! (April 2005)



By Emma, 9, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Paris is shy and loved by all other dragons. Paris is a real art lover and if she is bored she will always think back to her summmer trip to Paris and paints it. At school she is bullied by a big boy dragon called Evil because Paris is going to inherit lots and lots of treasure to hoard, but is nearly always protected by her boyfriend, Handsome. Paris has two best friends called France and Spain. Paris is loved evreywhere and is a great person to be with. (April 2005)

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