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Hillcrest, Orillia, Canada
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By Brittany, 10, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

This is Honey. She has a pink body, yellow hair and a yellow stomach. Honey doesn't have spikes on her tail yet because she is too young. Her wings are small too. She has a red bow.

Honey has a mom and a dad and she has a Grandma and Grandfather and two sisters. Honey thinks about school, being alive and her father and mommy.



By Shanya, 9, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

A Character Portrait of Love

This is Love. She has red scales and she is furry. She has wings that are as big as a long school or nine schools.

She has a mom and dad and an older sister than her. She has a good 10,000 cousins. With her cousins, they would play with her Barbies and they also play a game of house. She plays with her older sister in her room. Love lives in a small house with her family.

Love loves to give her chocolates away to the children in this world. Love likes to run and sit on the end of the bed and sings to herself.



By Devan, 9, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

A Character Portrait of Bubbles

This is Bubbles. She has red and pink scales and her eyes sparkle of stars. Bubble’s scales are like rubies and they look like little diamonds. Her hair is like the Pacific Ocean

She has 10.brothers and sisters too. Her father, Aaron, has a long green tail and his eyes are of happy faces. He is almost forty years old. Bubble’s mother Sara has purple scales and her eyes are like the blue sky. Her grandparents have spotted tails and their eyes are sparkling blue like the sky. And their claws are like glass and the claws are pink. Bubble’s brothers and sisters are not very nice to her.



By Breanna, 9, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

A Character Portrait of Susie

This is Susie. She has scales and a tail and two wings. Susie has a bow on her head and yellow hair on top of her head. Also, she has a yellow and pink body with gigantic, big feet.

Susie has brothers and sisters and a mom and a dad, too. There are 3,000 dragons in her family. Her father is named Joseph and he takes good care of me and takes good care of my mother.

She is in a flying race and she is the fastest racer on earth. She can do lot of thing as part of her hobbies. Susie can play soccer by flying. Also she can do lots of new things in her life but she is not old enough to fight the knight.



By William, 10, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

A Character Portrait of Arthur

This is Arthur. He looks like a peasant because he has the suit of a peasant. He looks sweet like nature. His suit looks dusty and old and it was a suit that belonged to a poor peasant.

He has 1,000,000 brothers and 1 sister because he adopted 1 sister and 1,000,000 brothers. Arthur has a Dad and a Mother. His Mother died in the year 1999 and Arthur was born in 1444.

Arthur likes to fly and play tag with children and he likes firing fireworks at occasions like Perth days, New Year’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. But the fireworks go out of control. The fireworks go 3 cm from the ground and explode.

Arthur thinks about his mother every day of his life, day and night. He thinks about his brothers. He has 3 children of his own and their names are Mare, Tai and Sowe. His wife’s name is Susie.



By Julia, 11, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

A Character Portrait of Lily

This is Lily. She has a very big tongue. She is also very fluffy. Lily is very static-y when it comes to clothes. She also has a very small nose. Lily is good to snuggle with because she is as soft as your favourite animal in the world.

Lily likes to talk about her family. Lily has a Mommy and a Daddy and one little sister the same age as her cousin. Lily likes to take long walks down to the park.

Lily also likes to do lots of sports such as jumping, skipping, and hide and go seek. She likes to entertain her family.

Lily likes to think about caring for others, helping mom and Dad and people other than herself.



By Jessica, 10, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

A Character Portrait of Buttercup

This is Buttercup. She has blue scales. Buttercup has golden eyes that glitter in the moonlight and sparkle in the sun. Buttercup has beautiful multi-coloured wings that glisten in daylight.

Buttercup has a great mother and a wonderful father. And, she has three older brothers that are very kind to her. She has two younger sisters that are so cute.

Buttercup loves sports such as running, jumping and playing with all her dragon friends. They practise running and jumping for the track and field world’s championship. She loves to play when she’s not practising track and field.

Buttercup thinks about friends. She has a lot of friends. She never stops thinking about having fun with friends. Buttercup loves to think about candy. She cannot stop thinking of the sweet, tasty, delicious CANDY.


The Mini Easter Bunny

By Angela, 9, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

A Character Portrait of The Mini Easter Bunny

This is The Mini Easter Bunny. She has blue eyes and pink fur.

She has a brother and a sister. She doesn’t have any parents because she is a foster child.

The Mini Easter Bunny likes to play with kids. The Mini Easter bunny works at a daycare centre. On Friday night she likes to go to her friends home and play friendship dodge ball.



By Tyler, 9, Orillia Ontario Canada

A Character Portrait of The Eye of Thomius

This is The Eye of Thomius. He looks scary and looks cool and mean. The Eye of Thomius has a big blast and only has one wing. The right wing was caught in a nail.

He has no mom or dad and he has 2 older brothers. The mom and dad were killed by a knight in great battle. Thomius was under attack! Thomius attacked and he was shot with a long arrow in the tail. The two brothers attacked! The knight was killed and the two brothers were scared. Two weeks later he was recovered and he said the wound is hhhuuurrrtttiiinnnggg.

He likes to fly and bobeaou. He burns trees down.

Go home, we will be flying together home. The end.


Orlando Bloom 2

By Isobel, 9, Orillia Ontario Canda

A Character Portrait of Orlando Bloom 2

This is Orlando Bloom 2. He has blue wings a long tail and some long nails.

He has a mom and a dad he also has a little brother plus 10 cousins. Orlando Bloom 2 loves his family so much. He lives on Broth Lake. It is awesome there.

Orlando Bloom 2 loves the game Monopoly and music too. He loves soccer so much. He loves his team .He loves his friends and plays games.

He thinks about love, nice people, happiness and you and me.

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